Quick Weight Loss with  Fat Burning (Thermogenic Foods)
by Paul Jones
April 10, 2013

Quick weight loss plans and dieting fads come and go with celebrity endorsements and modern research engaged in nutrition medicine to help us understand issues related to diets. We are introduced to weight loss promises everyday by a new fat loss plan, a modified old plan or maybe an old weight loss system that's popular again. Today on the diet merry go-round is fat burning foods or thermogenic foods.

What is a fat burning or thermogenic food? The simple fact is all foods require energy to be digested and used by your body. A fat burning food does not mean that it has negative calories, but there are foods that contain components in them that require more energy by your body to convert into absorbable form for assimilation into the system than the calories they contain. However, it appears the energy expenditure for these foods to be digested is not that significantly useful by themselves to lose weight.

I know there are popular thermogenic diets around that proclaim the miracles of some fat burning foods over others but any resulting weight loss will probably be because someone is on a combination of a healthy diet that includes physical activity.

One macronutrient generally considered thermogenic by the health science community is protein. Inducing high quality protein into your diet will give your metabolism an extra boost, increase your energy level potentially leading to weight loss along with favorable hormonal changes. It is believed that approximately 30% of the calorie intake from protein is burned during digestion. Therefore, consuming 300 calories of a high quality protein from foods such as fish, eggs, chicken, tuna or a whey shake, results in roughly 90 of those calories being burned off during the digestion process. Almost all proteins have a similar fat burning effect with the exception of proteins that are very high in fat and saturated fat such as processed lunch meats; bologna, hotdogs, bacon, sausages.

If you want to really crank up your metabolism rate and burn fat combine high quality proteins with vegetables that have thermogenic properties such as Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, Celery, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Onions, Radishes, Spinach, and Tomatoes.

Fruits with excellent thermogenic properties and low on the glycemic index are apples, blueberries, grapefruit, peaches and strawberries. Fruits with a high sugar level you should eat occasionally or avoid all together are bananas and dried fruits such as raisins. These types of fruits have high fructose or fruit sugar content and can raise your blood sugar level very quickly, thus raising your insulin level and triggering the fat conversion process.

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