Natalie Portman's Romantic Winning Hairstyle Still Revelant Today

by Claudia Starmont
January 20, 2017

Natalie Portman didn't just wow the academy after her performance in "Black Swan." She also quieted the raucous fashion police with her gorgeous styling at the Academy Awards last year.

Natalie Portman Oscar Winning HairstyleThe petite actress wore her lovely long locks loose and pulled over to one shoulder. Her hair was styled softly so it fell in waves down her arms. The style conjured up old-Hollywood glamour waves, but with a gentle tousled and undone feel. While the hairstyle could never be called "messy," it was certainly less polished and precise than the sleek updos we saw on other starlets last night.

Her hair was the perfect styling for the mother-to-be; the feminine waves emphasized how radiant Natalie looked in her pregnancy. She positively glowed on this special night. Her soft to-the-side curls went perfectly with her simple purple Rodarte gown and her natural makeup. One thing is certain after seeing this actress's red carpet pregnant look: any woman can only hope to look as good pregnant as Natalie Portman does.

Want to copy Natalie Portman's gorgeous styling? Didier Malige of Frederic Fekkai styled the "Closer" and "V for Vendetta" actress. Malige recommends a few simple steps in order to copy Natalie's romantic waves.

First, take your favorite anti-frizz product and apply it to your hair. Grab your favorite volumizer and apply that, too. Next, use a round brush to blow dry your hair. Make sure it's smooth and not bushy or frizzy; take your time. Heat up a 1" curling iron. Curl all the hair on your head with the curling iron, making soft waves that aren't too tight. Backcomb the bottom layers of your hair. Sweep your hair to one shoulder and to pin it on that side (Natalie's 'do was on the left) with bobby pins. Take a sheer hairspray and apply the finishing touches. Don't apply too much hairspray!

You want your hair to look sleek and soft, not slick or sticky. You don't want your hair to look heavy, either. To truly copy her look, you have to pick a standout earring set. Natalie chose a purple tasseled earring that was true to Natalie's elegant yet eclectic tastes. Don't stick to pure tassels: choose an eye catching earring that stays true to your style. To copy Natalie's romantic and feminine feel, stay away from excessive bling. You'll want your beauty to take the spotlight, not your diamonds.

Natalie Portman with a side bun hairstyle.

Watch as my friend Erin creates in this video Natalie Portman's Elegant Side Bun hairstyle that sits softly to one side. The hairstyle also shows off the length which has been curled and pinned to the head to form a really chic look. This side bun is easy to create with long hair, a flat iron, and styling gel and is great for any special occasion.

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