Kelly Clarkson's Hairstyles for A Round Face
by Paul Jones
Updated January 20,2017

Winning American Idol was Kelly Clarkson's vehicle to stardom and now uses her past experience as a coach on the hit show The Voice. Her sheer talent turned her to a rock star. And Kelly Clarkson's hairstyles made her the favorite singing model for photographers. However, not everyone with a strong voice and a sweet face can wear Kelly Clarkson's hairstyles. The reason is simple ' not everyone has Kelly Clarkson's face or body shape.
By the way Kelly Clarkson is happy with her body.

Picture of Kelly Clarkson hairstyle with medium to long layers

As any hair stylist would attest, it is the shape of the face that decides the best hairstyle. This means that a fan of Kelly Clarkson could not barge into a salon and demand to have a haircut similar to the American Idol. No self-respecting hairstylist will concede. And if some na've hairdresser does copy the Kelly Clarkson hairstyle, the result on the fan's face is not the same.

Kelly Clarkson's hairstyle and Her Face Shape
Kelly Clarkson's face is undoubtedly round. This does not mean that her face resembles a perfect circle. It means that the width of her face, measured across the cheek, is almost the same as with the length, measured from hairline to the bottom of the chin. There is a difference only of a tenth to a twentieth of an inch. This type of face shape is not frequently found among women. And this is why it may not be a good idea to bring a picture of a Kelly Clarkson hairstyle to a salon. The chances you sharing the same type of face shape as Kelly Clarkson are slim.

Kelly Clarkson HairstyleHowever, if a woman has a round face shape, then it is an excellent idea to study Kelly Clarkson's hairstyles. What is it about the haircut that made her face look less wide? What is it about the Kelly Clarkson hairstyle that made her face look more elongated? There is really no complex element. When several pictures of her, with different hairstyles, are placed side by side together, it is easy to see that there are only five aspects to the Kelly Clarkson hairstyles: length, height, body, texture, and frame.

The five defining characteristics of Kelly Clarkson's hairstyles are the lengths of Kelly Clarkson's hairstyles are never too short. The shortest length is just a few millimeters beyond the bottom of the chin. If the hair is shorter than the face, it will just emphasize the unnaturally wide width. Kelly Clarkson's hairstyle featured on her website is also short, but the length still falls lower than the bottom of the chin.

The crown height of Kelly Clarkson hairstyles is increased in two ways. The first one is found on the jacket of her new album 'My December,' in which her hair was simply brushed up and her face shown at an angle. Obviously, she can't wear her hair in that fashion on a regular basis. The second way is far easier. This Kelly Clarkson hairstyle simply incorporates long or side-swept bangs. These bangs slice a significant width away from her face, and the effect approaches the shape of the oval face.

The body of the Kelly Clarkson hairstyles can be either straight or curly. Straight hair can better create the illusion of a longer face. This is why the shorter lengths of Kelly Clarkson hairstyles are straight. If curls are chosen, the hair must be much longer, going beyond the shoulders.

Women with the round face shape like Kelly Clarkson can add loads of fun textures to their hair. The hair can have soft layers, fizz, and flicks. These styles add to the illusion of a longer face. Of course, such styles may not be appropriate for women in their 40s. In the meantime, the younger ones can get away with such Kelly Clarkson hairstyles.

And finally, the frames of Kelly Clarkson hairstyles are kept close to the face. The hair creates a curtain on the sides of the face so that the width is greatly reduced. No Kelly Clarkson hairstyle involves a part of the hair being placed behind the ear. For Kelly Clarkson fans who also have a rounder face shape, the five tricks her stylist uses to create an illusion of an oval face are excellent ways to create the illusion of an oval face shape.

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