Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle - Causal and No Fuss for A Round Face

by Karen Watson
Updated January 20,2017

For a seemingly infinite amount of time now, celebrity the Jennifer Aniston hairstyle has been known for extremely long blonde locks. At times, I think the talented actress has even been overshadowed by the length and style of her hair while her movie performances have taken a back seat.

Jennifer Aniston hairstyle 2012But now Jennifer has a hairstyle that's casual and no fuss. It's still blonde and she still looks very pretty as always but the stylistic difference is visually arresting. The new style with long and subtle layers cut around the front and sides of her medium length nicely frames her round face.

It's not unusual to see her with such a hairstyle, even though in the past she has sported some short hairstyles before eventually letting it grow down to the middle of her back. The casual style allows her stunning features to be visible, especially her eyes, nose, lips, and oval chin.

She hasn't colored her hair any darker over the years and from all perspectives, the present cut has the exact same color as her prior longish version. It also gives her a much more "girl next door" look. However the new hairstyle does make her look a little older, and less like a twenty something actress.

Jennifer Aniston hairstyle 2012Jennifer has also been spotted recently with what is called "The New Rachel" the hairstyle that is predicted will be hot in 2012. Her look comes across as modern, distinctive, very feminine, and that there was very little effort to create it.

The style is created with medium to long layers cut all through the sides and back which helps the movement of waves added to the mid-lengths to ends for shape and style. Its a fun and flirty look for her round face shape and very low maintenance. It makes a genuine personal statement that she's becoming more and more independent as both a woman and an actress.

It seems she's grown up a bit and even at age 43, she's still in total control of her life and her personal choices, and the control is no longer in the hands of either Hollywood or the paparazzi or any of the impressionable memories of her past photo shoot sessions when she happily sported her unforgettable longer version. That all seems to be a time very long ago now that she made the significant change.

We don't really yet know what the true circumstances are for Jennifer's hairstyle change. But it's certain we'll soon find out when she eventually opens up on a national TV talk show. She's always been quite honest about her life so the truth will definitely be told.

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